For What It's Worth, I Think You're Incredible.

Sometimes it is nice to hear this from someone other than your mother, because although she's great, she will always think you're incredible. And there are people out there, like me, who adore you, and we think you're the coolest, nicest, best idea since sliced bread kind of person, and we don't say it enough. 

So I made you this graphic, because you need to know that someone thinks you're pretty neat, in every sense of the word. Okay, maybe not like neat as in clean, or maybe you're super organized, I don't know, I just know for a fact, a verified fact, that you are a beautiful human being, and I just couldn't sit around with that on my mind; I needed to do something about it. So I got up (or maybe I was sitting on the couch, but the details about me aren't important, this is about YOU), and I decided to bravely tell you... through the internet, in the comfort of my own home... that I think you're lovely. 

You've got talents and good looks that you will do amazing things with that will take the world by storm. And although you may not believe that all the time, I sure do. I also have to mention that you've got a great taste in music, a laugh that I wish I got to hear more often, and the spirit of a champion. So go out and keep doing what you do-have more of those meaningful late-night conversations, create more art, sing more songs, be inspired to love yourself.  


i think .jpg

I've been thinking lately about how I could do some good for the people I know, for the encouraging community that has given me love and life. Maybe you'll feel empowered to post this on someone's wall who you think is incredible from afar. Because friendship and support are beautiful things, like you. Except you're not a thing, you're  a person, who I think is great. 

With Love,