I have a few friends who are in a band called Octahedron. I've been working with them for a while doing some graphic design stuff, but now I have photos of them that I would like to share with the world in light of their placing in the The Recording Conservatory of Austin's Unsigned Artist Competition. They have the chance to win a grand opportunity, and I would encourage you to help them out, by simply watching 2 of their songs on YouTube. 

1. http://youtu.be/-7HfmRtq9dI?list=PLZluJZDqCjIlNfAxHKTBteQ4jIc6rYCNa

2. http://youtu.be/rCw9olKvdso?list=PLZluJZDqCjIlNfAxHKTBteQ4jIc6rYCNa

You are all such lovely people. Thanks for stopping by. 

More to come.