The Start.

Every photographer has a collection of photos that she can't believe she once showed to others with pride. At this moment in time, every Flickr account or half-hearted attempt at a blog of mine looks like this, just filled with clutter and my least favorite pieces. So I decided I wanted to start a new living, breathing portfolio with which I would keep up. I would add new photos and take down old ones as I grow as a photographer.

Not only do I want to create a clean, organized portfolio worthy of something more than shame and embarrassment-I want to push myself to study photography like I study English or Calculus. I know I have to accept that this is a lifelong process, that I will be that girl with the camera constantly looking for that perfect photo-op that says something to me and maybe even someone else.

I'm venturing into new territory every day: buying new lenses, photographing new faces, and trying to keep things fresh.

This is the summer before my freshman year of college, and I am finally getting confident enough in my role as a photographer to start climbing out of my comfort zone and start exploring the great big world in which I live. My surroundings are about to change as I move from Texas to California, and I want to make something of my last summer at home where I have friends and family and locations that I know and love.

So that is my mission. More than anything else I just want to capture your attention.

Welcome to Lauren's Lens, where you can watch my journey as I emerge as an artist in a world of many greater artists.