"Your photos provoke a stirring from deep within, of the timelessness of the common experience we each share. Kind of like the colors of the tonal spectrum musicians use as a palate to craft sonic art. Congratulations for your work." -Andy P.

"Its incredible Lauren, you're work is fantastic and I'm really excited you are pursuing this as a study. I can't wait to see what else you will create and where it will take you. I'm not going to pretend like I haven't been stalking all of the photos you've posted on Facebook already and I don't think I'll ever stop haha I've loved everything but for some reason I don't think I've admitted it. Whelp in case you wanted to know I'm a fan." -Becky J. 

"Wow, you are a gifted and talented individual. Beautiful images. Whatever works for you, stick to it. I heard this quote on the hit TV show ER - Dr. Green (Anthony Edwards), 'Your talent is gift God gave you, what you do with it is your gift to God.'" - Nick R. 

"Lauren Chu is a self-taught photographer from San Antonio, TX. Her work is soulful and has a rare depth that most adults wish they could capture and get this – she’s just barely old enough to buy a lottery ticket." -Misha H.

"Such creative self-portraits. I love all of them! This is so great." -Jordan G. 

"Your photography and your passion is amazing. You're inspiring." - Hannah F.

"My photoshoot with Lauren was amazing. She let my sister and I put our own personalities into the shoot -- location, style, etc. However, she also added her own incredible artistic direction, and therefore the photos turned out amazingly. I would recommend her for photos of any kind. She made the experience fun and worthwhile with her direction and ability to capture one's own unique style. It was a blast and truly worth while!" -Melissa S.

"In past photo sessions, I have felt uncomfortable or unable to relate with the photographer, but Lauren made the experience relaxing and enjoyable. Not only is Lauren's work absolutely wonderful, she was able to capture the essence of our relationship without looking too staged. Her photos are pieces of art that I will certainly treasure, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a photo session of any kind." -Victoria I.

"Lauren was awesome. During our photoshoot, there was no awkward or forced moment- Lauren encouraged me to be myself. She has a true knack for capturing the beauty of the moment. I would recommend her for any type of photoshoot. Her photography is a combination of her professional opinion with her wonderful enthusiasm for art. Her creativity, sweet personality, and talented ability gave me a lovely experience that I won't forget! […] Your passion for your work is truly inspiring. I was reading through your "words" section on your site a few days ago, and I was struck by the honesty and genuity of your writing.   It's so real. Your gift of artistic creativity is such a beautiful thing, and it shines through both your words and your photographs. Your desire to capture things as they are, and not as society thinks they need to be portrayed, is a lovely breath of fresh air in a world that's clouded by materialism and secularistic desires. I've been missing San Antonio a lot these past couple of weeks, and I've come to realize that home is one of the most beautiful things in life. And I think that you're one of the few able to capture that in your photos. When I look at them, I'm reminded of home. So thank you for that. -Rachel V. 

"Your photos are so good Lauren! You're really amazing!" -Rayne R.